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SuperPigAlex The Movie: Out of Plush City is now on YouTube. my next movie will be released in November.


Originally i was going to do a third "Loway and Mr.Hand" that would be released in 2020. well it's not happening anymore after the second movie there will be no more movies.

i have completed filming "Loway and Mr.Hand Movie-2 Hands in Reality" now it's going to have a 10 month Post-Production.

filming on Loway and Mr.Hand Movie 2-Hands in Reality has began. i wasn't going to film it until June 30 but i got too excited about making it so i'm filming it now. since i'm planning on having a lot of events in the movie it will likely be 117 minutes.

New RUBBER Movie for Late 2018

2018-02-03 02:32:45 by sharkfilms

in September 2017 a released a video called RUBBER about a talking rubber who was bored one day so he went off the desk. the video got 6 sequels the same year but ended on December 27 2017. but i have something good coming about it. a MOVIE!!!! yes a movie about RUBBER called RUBBER:Journey Beyond The Desk. coming out on November 23 2018. link to watch the shorts(

the first episode of my new web series Minecraft The Web Series is out on YouTube.

here is the link to watch it.(

Upcoming Web Series.

2018-01-27 18:41:38 by sharkfilms

new web series coming next month. its called Minecraft The Web Series based on the popular sandbox game created by Monjang. it will be released on Thursday Febuary 1 and will run for 20 episodes.

Loway and Mr.Hand Trailer Hands is Cancelled

2018-01-10 19:05:09 by sharkfilms

in July 2017 i started a Loway and Mr.Hand series called Trailer Hands where The Hand Gang watched a trailer for a movie and put a comment on it. the series is now CANCELLED but the normal Loway and Mr.Hand show is still running. to watch the videos go here. (

i said last month that there will be more Loway and Mr.Hand movies in the future. well today i will reveal the plot for the second movie Loway and Mr.Hand Movie 2-Hands in Reality. after being stuck in the bin for years Clippy The Clip dedcies to destroy the internet. with help from cartoonist Jerry Fart The Hand Gang go to the real world to save the internet. i will not reveal the plot for the third film because that does not come out until 2020. filming of  Loway and Mr.Hand Movie 2-Hand in Reality will start in July 2018 and will be released on January 4 2019.

The Loway and Mr.Hand Movie has been in the works for a year and its finally out!!. 

here is the link to watch it. (