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i have planned a release date for Superpigalex The Movie Out of Plush City it will be Augest 3 2018   3 months after the release of The loway and mr.hand Movie

The loway and mr.hand Movie will not be released in cinemas anymore instead it will be released on YouTube i know i don't have a respond from Roadshow yet but i'm still changing it the teaser trailer will be released in november on my hand studios 2 channel and i will release the poster tomorroow right here on Newgrounds

loway and mr.hand movie plot

2017-09-25 04:29:24 by sharkfilms

i filmed The loway and mr.hand Movie From July 2-July 9 and now i will tell you the plot.the gang are on a plane to go on a hoilday but the plane crashes on a deserted island where theres a Evil YouTuber named john who's teaming up with dave to turn loway mr.hand mr.buisness hand steve ben and lucy into Zomhands so the gang have to stop him and get off the island.the film might be released on june 9 2018 but might not make its release also might be released in cinemas but probaly not i sent a letter to Roadshow Entertainment with a disc of the movie to see if they want to disturbie it. if they don't like it the film would have a tv boardcast or a Online release. 

plans for loway and mr.hand crossover mini movie

2017-09-16 02:51:53 by sharkfilms

In December i will release a loway and mr.hand mini movie that will be a crossover with the sandbox game Minecraft called loway and mr.hand in Minecraft but the minecraft world will not be 3D computer animated it will still be hand-drawn (no pun intened)  it will be released on YouTube on December 4 2017 and the trailer will come out on November 21 2017

plans for Superpigalex Movie

2017-08-15 05:17:17 by sharkfilms

here are my plans for the Superpigalex movie i'm going to call it Superpigalex The Movie:Out of Plush City where a Evil Penguin puts Bob oink Samauel Mrs.frank and Mr.frank in other dimesions with the Space Battle in CGI Filming will begin in January 2018.

superpigalex feature film

2017-07-29 05:26:27 by sharkfilms

hi guys its alexander here and today i will annoude a Untitled superpigalex Film based on my plush web series set for a 2019 release can't give away too much but it will have a 80 or 90 minute length YouTube channel of the show

New Studio

2017-07-21 23:21:35 by sharkfilms

hi guys its Alexander here and today i found a brand new studio its called loway and it will proudce all loway and mr.hand proudtions the first episode of loway and mr.hand it will proudce will be Handtown's got Talent here is it's logoloway and mr.hand

loway and mr.hand season 4

2017-07-14 23:03:52 by sharkfilms

season 3 of loway and mr.hand is still running but i will talk about season 4 which will air on January 6 2018 with lots of new episodes coming so stay tuned for that.

loway and mr.hand movie new release date

2017-07-05 03:00:59 by sharkfilms

the release date of The loway and mr.hand Movie has been pushed back to June 9 2018 just for more time for proudtion 6073970_149923804652_Thelowayandmr.handMoviethumbnail.png

loway and mr.hand movie update

2017-07-02 22:07:00 by sharkfilms

hi guys its alexander here and i have an update for The loway and mr.hand Movie which is its not going to be cut-out animated anymore but it will use WACOM INTUOS instead of the show's normal software MS paint and it was pushed back from Augest 12 to November 12 and it will come out somewhere that is not YouTube i started working on the new version of the movie the film will mix Tradtional  Animation with 3D CGI Claymation and Live action and loway and mr.hand will have there old Season 1 design and hand will have his design for next year's Season 4 

well thats itloway and mr.hand