loway and mr.hand movie plot

2017-09-25 04:29:24 by sharkfilms

i filmed The loway and mr.hand Movie From July 2-July 9 and now i will tell you the plot.the gang are on a plane to go on a hoilday but the plane crashes on a deserted island where theres a Evil YouTuber named john who's teaming up with dave to turn loway mr.hand mr.buisness hand steve ben and lucy into Zomhands so the gang have to stop him and get off the island.the film might be released on june 9 2018 but might not make its release date.it also might be released in cinemas but probaly not i sent a letter to Roadshow Entertainment with a disc of the movie to see if they want to disturbie it. if they don't like it the film would have a tv boardcast or a Online release. 


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